Bringing Sport to Children with Special Needs is an international Erasmus + strategic partnership project of cooperation for innovation and and the exchange of good practices.

The main of the project is to foster the involvement of children with special needs with sports activities, education and training of the involved teaching staff on this topic and to foster stronger connection of local sport clubs and organizations with children with special needs.

The project will create two intellectual outputs: guideline and Android application for teachers, counsellors, accompanying persons, trainers, coaches, parents and other interested parties in the field of education and sports which will contain material about the beneficial effects of sports on special need children and contain concrete examples and ideas about which sports exercise and activities are suitable for which disability or special need. With the help of the guideline and the application the teachers and other above mentioned target groups will be able to improve their knowledge and their skills in the field of including special need children into sports activities in a proper manner, with maximum beneficial effect on specific disability of individuals, without being scared that the children will get hurt in the process. This improved knowledge and skills will contribute to the strengthening of the profile of the teaching profession.


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